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Whatever you need to store; work, home or play — we have the solution that’s right for you.


 Hanmer Springs  Storage

" Shifting? No room ? Need space? then we can store it for you"

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"I've been using Hanmer Self Storage for 10 years. I highly recommend them"  Chris Stanton, Builder,  Hanmer Springs 

 Full security at our fenced self storage site in Hanmer Springs

  • An on-site daytime manager, and night-time security patrols
  • Access during daylight hours, with gates security locked overnight
  • All year round - 365 days - convenient access
  • We don’t hold keys; you provide your own padlock so you are the only person with access to your storage unit
  • We are insurance company approved with an unblemished record
  • We have a range of container sizes available so we can meet your exact storage requirements.